Hey Appleites,

First off, please let me apologise for being so quiet for so long. Its been a while, how are you doing?

Good, glad to hear it, anyway check this out, we're heading back to the B2 Venue in Norwich for this all dayer with some sick bands. Heres the link listed below.

Tickets are on sale on for £4.40 which is pretty bloody good if you look at the list of top notch bands below. You may have also heard that the Brickmakers is currently facing some tough times ahead so lets show some support for one of the few local live music venues left in Norwich.


Fingers Crossed Evyltyde Blackwater Creek Uridium Apollo Stands Deathrattle We'll Take Manhattan ColdHarbour

The Bad Apples Joiners


'Til next time, peace!

#2018 #Punk #rock #gig #rockband

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