Welcome to 2018.

So, here we are appleites, through the threshold of 2018, staring in to the abyss of the future, trying desperately not to crap our pants (wondering if that breakfast burrito was a good idea).

Well, heres the honest answer for you, we don't really know where the future is going to take us. We don't know where we'll be playing, we don't know what we'll be releasing, we don't know what will be written but heres the thing, thats the bloody fun of it.

This year is going to be an adventure, stumbling in the dark, tripping over coffee tables, popping our heads up in all sorts of places like a bloody whack-a-mole. But I have a good feeling there's going to be some exciting things coming.

Finally, heres my question, here's me asking you to come with us on this ride from sweaty gig to sweaty gig, through the blood, sweat, tears and beers. Heres to another year waking up aching to fuck, ears screaming with tinnitus and smelling like ass.

We'll see you on the road friends, lets make this a good year.


P.S - Here's a picture of Matt's gross grey bruised foot to remind us of the good times we had in 2017.

#live #2018 #newyear #newme

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