Yesterday marked The Death Of Rock & Roll's first birthday, woo!

So we decided to do something cool for you guys to celebrate, heres the secret video we recorded alongside the Official Video. we think its pretty cool and we hope you love it as much as we do, its been pretty hard to keep it secret for this long.

If you downloaded the single from Bandcamp at any point in the past (or future) you'll have already downloaded this video alongside it, even if you didn't notice. But if you want to have it so you can keep it and watch it wistfully in the middle of the night head over there and download it now!

Alternatively, if you just want to listen to the songs you can head to Spotify and stream them there

Thanks for reading, we'll catch up with you again soon!



I promise, we'll have some new stuff for you to sink your ear holes into soon. Matt x

#Music #online #video

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