Hey you sexy people, just letting you know that we're putting on a show (OUR OWN BLOODY SHOW!) at Gringos Mexican Tequila Bar on Prince Of Wales Rd. August 13th. Doors at 7:30. FREE ENTRY! (thats right, you can get in with no money. i.e, free music!)

Here's whats going down. We've got Generals and The Psychles on the bill, go check them out and drop them a like because they deserve it.

Plus, need I mention this is a tequila bar? TEQUILA. Whats not to love?

Anyway, i'll see you there, looking forward to getting together again, we should get together more often!

Heres the Facebook event for you and the poster designed by SaskyD - Crap Drawings Drawn Crapily.

Peace & Love


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