It may seem like I'm banging on about Smithdown Road Festival a lot these days, and thats because it's awesome and you'd be an idiot to miss it. It's because I so dearly want to see as many people there as physically possible, that i'm letting you know every little single detail the latest one being that our set has been moved forward, so we'll now be on at 6:00PM through to 6:30PM, so be early!

Also, it's free to get in but if you buy a wristband for the festival you'll be able to get some discounts on stuff and support all the hard work that goes into putting a festival on. Or if you'd prefer to purchase some more wearable loot, check out this link here

Heres the address for FRANKS BAR on Smithdown Rd where we'll be playing

Franks Bar

186 Smithdown Road,


L13 3JR

and why not check out some of the other bands on the same bill as us? Theres COLOUR, THE DEBT STARS, TAWS, TAKOTSUBO MEN, DON'T WORRY and FALSE ADVERTISING.

Finally, big up to Yeah Buddy! DIY for putting us on!

So as always, peace & love, be good to each other, we'll see you at the bar.

#YeahBuddy #Live #Free #twopiece #liverpool #Rock #festival #gig

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