So here's confirmation of our first ever show in Reading. Its another step outside of the home county for us and its very exciting.

Here's the deets:

Its at The Facebar, Ambrose Place, Chatham Street, Reading, RG1 7JE.

We'll be on the bill alongside Beneath The Skin, The Majority Theives & Except On Tuesdays.

Doors open and 7PM.

If you're under 14, you can't come in (sorry kids).

Advanced tickets are £5, otherwise its £6 on the door. Drop us an email via the contact tab or message us on Facebook for advanced tickets.

See y'all there!

#thebadapples #Live #Gig #Music #Rock #Reading #Beneaththeskin #themajoritytheives #exceptontuesdays #thefacebar #advanced

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