April 29, 2016

This seems like a bit of a ritual that is beginning to emerge, but this morning I have spent burning 50 free CD's for the lovely people going to the show at Franks Bar tomorrow, day 1 one Smithdown Road Festival.


We'll be giving away badges too! 


But as always, you've gotta be there to get one. So make sure you're at Franks Bar, 186 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool, England at 2:30 tomorrow to catch the start of what is set to be an awesome night and have a beer with us.  


Peace out!




April 19, 2016

It may seem like I'm banging on about Smithdown Road Festival a lot these days, and thats because it's awesome and you'd be an idiot to miss it. It's because I so dearly want to see as many people there as physically possible, that i'm letting you know every little single detail the latest one being that our set has been moved forward, so we'll now be on at 6:00PM through to 6:30PM, so be early! 


Also, it's free to get in but if you buy a wristband for the festival you'll be able to get som...

October 26, 2015

We recently played our first ever show in Liverpool at the severely cool and extremely reputable Maguires Pizza Bar, alongside some amazing acts. The Franceens, Sabretooth Monkey Sharks and Brunch, all of which deserve your attention. 






In addition, a big thanks to Yeah Buddy! Promotion for putting us on. Go check them out too 








January 25, 2015


We're very proud to announce that we've just been reviewed by Yeah Buddy! Blog. Fallen Far From The Tree was reviewed by Samantha Bandfield and we think its awesome, check it out here


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