The Bad Apples are a high energy garage rock duo hailing from deepest, darkest Norfolk, consisting of drummer Tom Gray and singer / guitarist Matt Neave.





Matt provides the riffs and lyrics for The Bad Apples, a self confessed gear nut he prides himself on being able to provide a huge sound with relatively little.

His vocal perfomances have been described as "to shame a grizzly bear" and his Pixies-inspired loudQUIETloud technique has become a signature of his style. 



Sometimes referred to as The Yetti, Tom is the powerhouse rhythm section providing the thumping beat behind The Bad Apples. His style sits somewhere between bombastic and genius, remaining consistently relentless. 

Often spotted with a facial expression similar to rage and pain during shows, Tom always comes off stage dripping sweat and usually bleeding, having provided a contagious energy that flows through any room.